Custom Welcome Mat

Add some personality to your plain doormat by creating a custom one. The creative possibilities are really endless — get started with these ideas.

• Start with a plain coir doormat. It’s the bristly mat that usually is a tan color. The paint tends to last longer with this type of mat.

• Use stencils to write a message, or create a scene. Most stores will have stencils with their crafts. Don’t forget to check online — you might be able to find a deal. If you want to keep it simple, painter’s tape can create stripes or lines. Some designs can even be painted on freehand, think simple flower designs, ladybugs, or summery popsicles. You may have to paint over your design a few times to reach full opacity.

• Fabric paint or spray paint have the best outcome. Fabric paint will be dabbed onto the bristles and creates cleaner lines. Spray paint can be quicker but sometimes it can feather the lines in the design. Black tends to show up the best and fade a less but there aren’t any rules as to which color you can and cannot use. Latex paint is thicker and can cover the rug more quickly.

• For a long-lasting design, once the paint is completely dry, seal with a spray polyurethane.

• Coir doormat
• Paint of your choice
• Newspaper
• Painter’s tape
• Stencil
• Spray adhesive (if using a stencil)
• Paint brush
• Spray polyurethane
• Newspaper/ or something to use to cover your work space