Ensure Your Confidential Financial Details Remain Secure

When in the home buying or selling process a lot of sensitive information is shared with lots of different people. Information such as real estate transactions including bank account numbers and statements, wire transaction receipts, social security number, and driver’s ID photos. Take these steps to help ensure your information is protected.

Make Passwords More Secure. It’s easy to fall into a one-password–for–all–accounts habit but it’s not safe. Make your passwords more secure by adding characters and numbers. Choose combinations that are not typical.

Ask the Company How They Protect Your Information. Not all companies handle security the same. Ask if they store their documents in encrypted files or what are their safety measures are.

Avoid Sending Information Over Email. There are some scam emails that can mimic the look of the professionals and trick you into sending confidential information. If you ever have any questions do not be afraid to contact your agent and confirm the validity of the request. If it is real, request to make the transfer in person or verbally over the phone.